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Don’t let a rug cleaner ruin your rug!!! There are many types of rugs and many types of ways to properly clean a rug. Many cleaners claim to be professional yet they don’t even know what type of rug it is!!! If you were to ask most cleaners can you clean my rug they would reply is it wool there are many types of wool rugs machine maid and hand maid and they need to be cleaned differently… A Kerman is cleaned differently than a Shiraz that is a bleeder. just because someone has a wash pit does not mean than they are not damaging or ruining your rug.. Most cleaners don’t even know the difference in a Serapi and a Herez and most also don’t realize there is different grades of rugs like models of cars and they need to be handled differently…. Trust your rugs only to a true qualified professional call me for a free assessment I would love to help you with your most precious rugs!!! Thanks,Randys Carpet Care

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March special receive 10% off all upholstery cleaning for the month of march, jobs must be scheduled before March 30Th 2014. I do a professional assessment of your upholstery and determine the best course of action to perform. It is very important to clean your furniture every year to remove toxins,pollutants. and dust mites. I am a certified upholstery cleaning specialist and can clean and restore your precious furniture. I care for your belongings and remove the maximum amount of soil without damaging your valuable fabric. I am a leather cleaning specialist and can clean condition and revitalize your upholstery adding many more precious years. spots are limited so call asap to schedule your carpet and or upholstery cleaning, Thanks, Randy

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New Years Carpet Cleaning special mention this ad and receive a free room of carpet cleaning with the purchase of 4 rooms or more at regular price scheduled between Jan 1st and Jan 14th 2014 and also receive 10% off of area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Call asap to reserve your spot now! Thanks, Randys Carpet Care 925 209 6287

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Experience Randys Carpet Care and you will be treated like a king and or queen and become part of my royal family,You will receive top notch everything and the red carpet will be rolled out for you. From my state of the art equipment to my experience at pre treating and removing your spots with extra effort,deodorizing,pile lift grooming with a proper through flush steam carpet cleaning to top it off.We are not finished until you are 100% satisfied… I use different steps and processes to assure you the best quality carpet cleaning ever finding the best most effective method and tool for your situation… For the greatest carpet cleaning you will ever experience or it’s free of charge contact me for a free carpet assessment,I thank you in advance for choosing Randys Carpet Care (925) 518 1088

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All floor coverings need maintenance cleaning and carpet is the best cause it holds the toxins and pollutants until they are removed like a filter,most carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technicians have endured the chore of having to return to the job again due to recurring wicking spots with new technologies and experienced state of the art advanced techniques we are now able to perform carpet cleaning services more successfully with faster dry times and no recurring spots..We take special care to do what is proper in each situation to help you with a post cleaning appearance that lasts a long time!!! After my carpet cleaning your carpet stays cleaner longer and your vacuuming is more effective in removing insoluble soils. This means you receive many happy days in the future, thank you for choosing Randy’s Carpet Care Concord,Ca

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Expand your knowledge with the truth from a major carpet manufacturer,appropriate products and services are essential for carpet cleaning. See illustrated key points that matter most and give you the advantage as the consumer…There is a science to carpet cleaning,we must clean our environments to protect our people and our valuable materials.. Proper affective maintenance carpet cleaning is critical to keep out unwanted toxins and pollutants and keep our indoor environment green and clean. Carpet cleaning tips and homeowner maintenance suggestions are located at login name randys carpet care password cleanclean This should answer any questions and concerns you might have about your next carpet cleaning especially where they illustrate the most affective method tested that removes 25% more soil than the other methods which is the method that I use for you my great clients and friends and have for years. Very few carpet cleaners go the extra mile and do what is really best for you. Lets find out what the manufacturers and experts have to say!!! Thanks, Randy’s Carpet Care

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February is a great month to get your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs taken care of before the rush of March and April mention this ad and as a first time customer I am offering you a special Valentine’s gift of 10% off your carpet cleaning if you schedule a appointment with me within the next two weeks… I will personally assure the best service you have ever received guaranteed…call now to schedule your carpet cleaning rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning you’ll be glad you did!!!! thanks. Randys carpet care offer expires 2-25-13

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My primary carpet cleaning concern first and foremost is that your receiving proper quality service that addresses your families health and safety first. My job is to remove the maximum amount of unhealthy particles,gases and biologicals from your indoor environment. I don’t just smear dirt around and make things appear clean. If dirt is less visible,yet still present,It is still doing it’s damage… I’m trained with multiple carpet cleaning disciplines including slower pace and advanced products technologies.I am constantly being trained with new state of the art techniques and equiptment to improve my carpet cleaning services for you and to improve your indoor environmental quality issues and help you to maintain a prevention program to keep these issues from ever becoming a issue. WORLD’S HEALTH ORGANIZATION’S definition of proper carpet cleaning includes”locating,identifying,containing,removing and properly disposing of soils and pollutants from buildings. As a professional certified Clean Trust master carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technician I am trained to concentrate on these important goals. I am constantly striving for never ending improvement, thanks,Randy’s Carpet Care Author Randy Lewis/Jeff Bishop

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I am a IICRC owner/operator master carpet cleaning specialist and have been for over a decade. My 100% guaranteed double flush carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning system removes 5times more pollutants, bacteria and soil than your average carpet cleaner with faster drying times. I specialize in cleaning area rugs removing a maximum amount of soil without damaging them whether there silk,rayon,cotton or wool I have 17 years of carpet cleaning experience cleaning them all. I clean with honesty and integrity and do what I say I’m gonna do I take action immediately to solve even your most challenging situations, I will do whatever it takes to achieve success success success whenever I am helping you… see what others are saying about my work, I will not let you down,sincerely,Randy L. owner of Randys carpet care

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Pet odor removal is much more than spraying on a deodorizer to cover up the problem, as a professional odor control specialist I have been trained to get to the root of the problem and properly flush it out… The new advanced safe products work instantly rather than the old 24 to 72 hour remedies. Let me show you how to restore your indoor environment by a thorough flush carpet cleaning so your family can breathe healthier and enjoy the finer things in life… sincerely, Randy L. owner of Randy’s carpet care


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